Is kieshacole dating someone

See who Keyshia Cole’s blind date is is one thing that they can do during the commercials to make people stay tuned on the show.

So Keyshia Cole’s is officially on the market and now she’s dating at the being convinced by her friends that she needs to be out and about enjoying herself.Keyshia Cole, whose seven-figure contract for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 was allegedly the richest in the franchise’s history, is making her split with Daniel Gibson and ready to date openly once more. LHHH has started playing with the rumors swirling around its new star’s social life, as the show’s latest sneak peek reveals.“I’m definitely open to being in a long-term relationship,” Keyshia says, before embarking on a blind date, “if the opportunity presents itself.” When Booby comes over to watch their son, the scene gets snippy, thanks to talk of *his* new girlfriend combined with the tattoo of Keyshia’s face he has on her hand.*He and Angela could never make it official because she was virgin and was saving herself for marriage. They tried it off and on multiple times but it couldn't work. He made a comment when he first came onto the scene that said, "If Bow doesn't do a song with me, it's fuck him." He confronted him at a bowling alley in Atlanta and he backtracked and said that he only said that because he was on pills. She was flirting with him on air, and Angie told her that he was taken. *Erica didn't get the role because of her heavy accent. *He and Erica fell out because she shared the news of their miscarriage and he felt that was too personal. They got lit, threw up together and then went to the strip club. He brought her to a dinner with Usher and Jermaine. Jermaine was telling him that he should go public with her, but he was nervous because he hadn't publicly dated outside of his race.

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