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Thomas, thanks for another glowing girl (sweaty woman). And lastly, I just had to share a nice rack scene of a weaty babe to make MY day and hopefully others, too. I recall you doing some good posts at some of my groups in times past.Romina Mondello-The Wax Mask 800-500 from radstop on Vimeo "And what do we do with witches? Bmovievillain started his countdown to Halloween 2014: [bmovievillain.deviantart.com], green evil witch never runs out of different ways serve up a gimp for Halloween. Megan: Based on that last post of yours, you should be writing stories as well as reading them. However, I have to take issue with your assertion that Martin Scorsese “makes the same movies”.He may be renowned for his gangster flicks and for his repeated casting of several illustrious thespians, so perhaps there are some kindred films in his body of work. esso: Thanks to you (and Ralphus) for posting “Written with Both Hands” to the fiction section. Nia, thanks for being one of the ladies who come forward and sharing your thoughts. The figure positions are just great, and so is the tension in the ropes carrying through to her body: it makes your joints sore just to look at it, and she's in too much pain to even lift her head to try and see what the torturer is preparing for her next. Joanna 3572 wrote: @bleumune: It's new to me too; it's Poser or Daz, but it has a sort of painted quality to it.

I saved all my hard drive details, but, when I tried to re-install DAZ3D, it could never find all the various pieces needed to rebuild the scenes I worked on.But I'd always be interested in seeing more of your work, especially the scenes with multiple prisoners.It kind of evokes a feeling of a group gestalt, like "when they finish working on my husband or girlfriend, they're going to start on ME!" So, as a kind of rank amateur at the 3D art, I can appreciate the work of someone who knows what he's doing.Oh, by the way, those hi-res Barb Wire pics are great.

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