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The island was invaded by the United States during the Spanish–American War.After the war ended, Spain officially ceded the island to the United States under the terms established in the Treaty of Paris of 1898. Congress approved the Jones–Shafroth Act, which extended United States citizenship (the Puerto Rican House of Delegates rejected US citizenship) with limitations upon Puerto Ricans and made them eligible for the military draft.The island was inhabited by the Arawak group of indigenous peoples known as Tainos, who called the island "Borikén" or "Borinquen".The Tainos were known as a peaceful people, however they were also warriors and often fought against the Caribs, who in more than one occasion attempt to invade the island.

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Puerto Rico was the historic 1st gateway to the discovery of Florida which opened the doors to the advanced settlement of the USA.

They, however were not the only enemies that Spain faced in the Caribbean during this period. The Anglo-Spanish War was not limited to Europe—extending to Spanish and English territories in the Americas.

On October 11, 1528, the French sacked and burned the settlement of San Germán during an attempt to capture the island, destroying many of the island's first settlements—including Guánica, Sotomayor, Daguao and Loiza—before the local militia forced them to retreat. In November 1595, Sir Francis Drake, the vice-admiral in command of the Royal Navy fleet that tackled the Spanish Armada, and Sir John Hawkins attempted an unsuccessful invasion of San Juan.

Columbus named the island San Juan Bautista in honor of Saint John the Baptist.

The main port was named Puerto Rico (Rich Port) (eventually the island was renamed Puerto Rico and the port which was to evolve into the capital of the island was renamed San Juan).

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