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From the support system in London to the holiday itself, we feel we offer the best way to see and experience a destination and that is why our loyal clients come back to us time and again.

The name owes itself to the most prominent feature of the city, that is the Vadakkumnathan Temple, which has Shiva as its presiding deity.

\n\n At Wild Frontiers we have always strived to offer the most authentic, safe and ethically sensitive travel experiences on the market.

All of our tours have been designed and recced by us and in the modern world this cannot be done on a shoestring.\n\n So whilst we may not be the cheapest, we believe our high quality trips offer the very best value for money.

I am male 58 Muslim from Chennai Tamilnadu India an Ex Industrialist but VICTIM now hence seeking a RICH soulmate widow or divorce mostly from abroad or in India with helping tendancy plus accommodation facilities.

An ever-increasing number of holiday-makers are coming to Kerala, India’s most literate state, to enjoy its wonderful beaches and legendary hospitality.

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