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These days Riga has a boom-town feel with a small but conspicuous section of the population making big bucks from the get-rich-quick opportunities thrown up by the switch to full-blown market economics.Information by Rough Guides in Riga is influenced by its proximity to the sea;therefore it is moderately warm and humid.Riga was badly damaged during World War I, but the city made a comeback during the first Latvian independence and remained a major centre after the country was swallowed up by the Soviet Union in 1940.Under the Soviets, the influx of Russian immigrants reduced the Latvians to a minority in their own capital with thirty percent of the city's population is now Russian, and a further sixteen percent made up of other non-Latvian nationalities.

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In years, when the nesting was successful, none of the adult birds was ringed, so the origin of the birds was unknown.

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These live cameras operating season will be shorter than we are accustomed to when observing the lifestyle of birds of prey.

This is because after hatching, the chicks spend about three weeks in the nest and then disperse amongst the reeds.

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    The ascent is relatively easy, albeit rocky at times, and it takes roughly 45 minutes to reach the summit.

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