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Everything came pre-loaded on the laptop so I’m not sure why the Authentication tab wasn’t there.

Or perhaps it was a wireless laptop and there is no need for that tab.

So if you have access (could be physical access, including say a stolen laptop) you will be able to find the key which will allow any system access to the network... However I’m still confused of why all of the sudden “validating identity” shows up right after I replaced the router from DI-624 to DIR-655. All I did was released the IP before I shut down DI-624 and plug the DIR-655 in powered DIR-655 up and off I go.

So I guess I will leave the IEEE 802.1x Authentication disabled then.

I tried this and when attempting to connect again, a prompt box appeared asking for a network key (also called a WEP or WPA key).I never really mess with those, I left them at the default settings but will check.I’m not sure that is the Advanced tab you are talking about.Thanks When you install the new DIR-655 router, you didn't copy the security setting from the old router.Your computers still have the old security setting and router name on it.

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