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Doesn't make what he did BETTER, but there's room for forgiveness and redemption I think. What CK did is on one side of that spectrum (no force, no physical contact, no perceived coercion, asking for consent), what Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein did is on the other end (blackmail, intimidation, coercion, drugging, rape). Some cancers are 'good' cancers and some cancers are 'bad' cancers.

If you consider his circumstances (bad marriage, alleged depression) and the fact that he apparently got his shit together after 2005, I would conclude that he got treated too harshly. They're all cancer, they're all terrible. Nobody who gets cancer wants to hear someone say "oh, but you have the good cancer!

You would seem to consider them equally bad, when they're not.

Also Louis didn't do anything that would be seen as illegal in a court of law. Some said yes, one said no and he backed off and 2 gave a thumbs up and watched him finish. Weinstein did just about every terrible thing you can possibly think of.

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Gottfried added: “The thing that to me was shocking and hurtful when I heard about Louis C. was that he never once invited me to his hotel room to watch him masturbate.” The article seemingly attempts to taking the most extreme behavioral examples – Cosby is on trial for indecent assault – is due to go on trial and using them as a guideline to normalize unwanted sexual behavior.

Kristy Puchko wrote a response to the article: There’s a lot to consider as the Me Too movement moves forward. Some might actually face up to what they did and the harm it caused [...] Others will stay quiet and hope to get a second chance once enough time has passed.

It’s tempting to imagine we can treat abusers like we treat faux pas-making celebrities on social media: they’re dead to us forever! But these men are not disappearing just because we’re outraged. But not enough time has passed for this instance, and allowing C. back into comedy clubs opens up the women who frequent them to the threat of him once more.

has brought podcasts to the mainstream, and Slate just put together a pretty solid list entitled, "The 25 Best Podcasts Ever." Even for the uninitiated, you'll likely recognize some of the shows on this list: sliding in at number one. At the time of the interview, the two comedians had been friends for roughly 25 years, and, as Maron notes in the show's introduction, it was a rocky friendship.

was originally produced as a two-part episode in October 2010.

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