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…and I have realised I did a brummy post on a similar topic for blogjune 3 years ago! (Shanahan) – but really this is just people falling for his security system.

A bear needs his privacy, hence the bear multiplicity, mimicking the Santa-everywhere phenomenon. Hopping on board Ruth’s topic (also explored by Kate, Abigail, Cherie) on how to have higher energy levels at work (although I am lacking a puppy assistant…).

It began when we were watching a renovation show (I hate renovating in real life, so I don’t know why we watch these things), and she mused that outdoor showers allowed people to .

I had never heard this saying for nudity before, so she had to explain that she didn’t like to say the word “naked” as it was vulgar!

Cath’s points really resonated with me – about participating in blogjune through discovery, rather than post-post-post.

What should be at the centre: balance, understanding, and self-care.

In my first post of the month, I was considering eating a vegan burger for every day of June so I could have a consistent theme.

We holidayed in Adelaide earlier this month (despite it not making an appearance in my sparse blogjune posts), and while there, I discovered that my mother-in-law knew some corkers of sayings.

I wonder if, despite his interminable watch (a la Fry’s dog waiting), he might transition to being whole-bodied, astral travelling back to walk in the Hundred Acre Wood, near Ashdown Forest. A bit like Kate’s Shiny things – Yammer, keyword alerts and dipping in and out of a conference hashtag can give ideas, connections and help to see what’s happening, what people are saying. Thanks to other blogjuners for the idea (Rachel, Rachel W and Constance).

There is a theory that Winnie is linked with the bears clinging to trees on the Kings Highway: I told my friend J, who lives below the mountain, about the gap between my expectations of the cave, and the reality of the Pooh Bear Corner. It feels like a brain-break to switch over to the feeds and then I’m more likely think of new things, after this different focus. I’m not good at watering the plants, luckily there are other green thumbs in residence, but sometimes I snip off bits (plants, not thumbs), or tell the plants that I appreciate them. Today was pretty low-key, I guess I needed some recovery time from sitting next to a close-talker last night.

– Ioan Marc Jones Stepping over vines and tanbark, I held aloft the bubbled ideal of the cave, hovering over an imagined and real pedestal of the mountain. I’m not as hardcore as some, but I do like a good stationery fix.

The bubble drifted, caught on an overhanging tree branch, one hundred crystal glasses exploded and my love for the cave decayed into a carpet of glinting shards on the ground. I agree with Abigail, it feels a lot more fun to write work things on paper. My favourite pencil is one with a green gem on the end (no guessing as to which database it promotes).

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