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This does require a bit of faith and a lot of security, as you won’t be going on a lot of dates or doing a lot of “stuff” with people.

You’ll need confidence in knowing that what you are doing is right.

After all, how can something be a problem if it isn’t relevant to something you want?

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As a guy who has faced his fair share of rejections and successes in terms of dating, there are several observations I’d like to share about finding the right person to marry.

In this case, the problem is “You’d like to find a husband or wife”, so the first thing to consider is whether you actually want to be married.

After all, if you have no desire to actually commit to anyone, no amount of searching will do you any good.

You just lost 3/4 of your time by hanging on to a relationship that doesn’t work!

Additionally, if you do happen to meet the right person in that 480 hours while you’re in a relationship, you may not be able to pursue him / her!!

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