Mbti personality types dating

Outgoing and fun, you probably don't mind having a continuous stream of suitors, but you usually leave when things get "boring." Long-term commitment may not come naturally to you, but remember that the best part of relationships happens after the honeymoon period fades and things get real.At a certain point, it's important to think past the day-to-day.

Knowing your and the other person’s Myers-Briggs type can be an advantage when you first start dating.

That’s right, as endearing as our characteristic little quirks are, they can also inspire some pretty bad dating behavior.

Research conducted by mother-daughter team Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers shows that all people fall into one of sixteen different personalities, expressed by four pairs of traits: directing and receiving energy (introversion vs. thinking), and approaching the outside world (judging vs. Our Myers-Briggs personality type can offer clues as to how we might shine in romantic relationships—but also how we might be prone to certain faux pas.

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I am compared to Dick Cheney, Margaret Thatcher, Joseph Stalin, and....

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