Minor dating laws in maryland

Benda pleaded guilty to the charge in November 2012. The charge was dismissed in July 2014 after he successfully completed two years of probation.

They accuse my of selfishness for studying instead of "helping out the family." They want to exert complete control over every aspect of my life, and do not want me to think for myself.In Maryland, more than 3,000 children, overwhelmingly girls, have been married since 2000.The marriage-age floor in the state is 15 — and roughly 150 of the children were 15. Vogel in Virginia, said raising the marriage age could help combat cases of statutory rape.Ninety percent of the underage marriages were to an adult spouse over the age of 18, and 30 percent to 40 percent of those adults were over 21 — sometimes decades older. Vogel’s bill, which passed the state Senate, would increase the marriage age to 18 but allow 16- and 17-year-olds to be married if they are emancipated. Edwards, Roanoke Democrat, said he could not support the bill because it stripped away parental rights.In the current system, children 15 and younger can get married if they have parental consent and are pregnant. Vogel said that when young children get married, they are likely being coerced, citing “high, high” rates of violence, sexual assault and domestic abuse. Jeanne Smoot, senior counsel for policy and strategy at the Tahirih Justice Center, dismissed those objections, saying that parents oftentimes were coercing their children.“I think we need to have a system in place that doesn’t take either parental consent or the fact of pregnancy at face value, but looks to see if parental consent hides coercion or that the pregnancy is a fact that the girl was forced to have sex in the first place,” Ms. The House of Delegates is advancing its version of the legislation, where it too has met with questions.

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