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“I was the hot junior from the Regina Pats,” he says of his earliest days. A guy told me, ‘Don’t sign now, wait ‘til the season’s over, go to training camp in really good shape, then make a deal.’ ” As a Canadien, Masnick earned ,000 one year and ,000 the next, plus a two-grand bonus. “I remember asking Hap Emms once, ‘Why did you keep me?He went to Europe and bought a Mercedes-Benz for twenty-two hundred. “I’m gonna put you on Gordie Howe tonight,” Coach Irvin told Paul Meger one time. ’ ” (Emms was the doyen of hockey in Barrie and the man who would set Meger up in the home appliance business.At present circumstances, Philippine market is not viable for the entry of foreign telecom investors considering the existing law that prohibits major foreign ownership of a company and the massive capital requirements to bridge the gap that the two existing telcos have already built over the last few decades.“A third player may have a difficult time attaining financial viability in the short run due to its late-mover disadvantage and the need to penetrate undeveloped areas whose deployment cost is higher than the almost saturated urban markets dominated by the incumbents,” said Patalinghug.“The question is do we need a new player?

’ “He said, ‘Just yours.’” “Do the people in your building know who you are? Freedom means more to me than anything.” “Dickie Moore, he died and I didn’t go to the funeral.

Joining him are AIM Associate Professor Wilfred Manuela, American Chamber of Commerce-Philippines Chairman John Forbes and Phl Competition Commission Economic Office head Isabela Villamil.

“In 1992 to 1996, we got 11 telco players in this industry.

In the off-seasons, Paul Masnick attended the University of Minnesota and earned a business degree.

He wound up going door to door on behalf of a manufacturer of industrial vacuum cleaners. Money always was important to Masnick, who once declared himself a free agent when Frank Selke, the Canadiens’ sage and implacable manager, offered him a measly 0 bonus to sign on for another season. “I think I got the puck out of our end once in the whole game, and when I headed back to the bench, Gordie said ‘Way to go, kid.’ ” “They thought I was a terrible skater because I started so late,” Meger says.

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