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Pinky Aquino-Abellada went to Bais to inaugurate a school building which her AGAP Foundation had donated to our city, she said those words in her speech and yes, she also said that if I’m in Manila she’ll invite me to a family dinner with her siblings.

Our family used to own 3,000 hectares of lands in Negros Oriental, and one of the towns of the province is named Bindoy because that was the nickname of my great-grand-uncle Senator Herminigildo “Bindoy” Villanueva.

If the TV news reports are true that P-Noy is interested in you, one of his siblings who would surely possibly help approve his future First Lady is Kris Aquino.

Please ha, out of respect to the President, those are just media speculations.

Remollo beside her, the 31-year-old Silliman/Ateneo-educated Bais City Mayor Karen F.

(Laughs) Are you the youngest mayor in the Philippines?

You’re a supporter of P-Noy, was your family allied with his mother the late President Cory C.

My father was appointed by President Cory in 1986 as OIC mayor of Bais City, he then served three terms.

My late great-grandfather had four brothers who served as mayors, governors, congressmen and one senator; my great-grandpa was the political enforcer, while his brothers ran in elections and won.— Steve Jobs TOKYO, Japan — During the recent official visit of President Noynoy C.My great-granduncle Herminigildo Villanueva was the first senator from the Visayas, he served in the Commonwealth era during the time of President Quezon.Aquino, this writer accidentally bumped into a pretty young lady whom I had seen business leader Jon Ramon Aboitiz greet earlier with these words: “No wonder I saw the President say on TV that the women of Bais City in Negros Oriental are beautiful, you are beautiful!So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.My dream work place is the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), I love arts and culture.

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