Notre dame dating

At lax house, specifically, where you swooned over the absolute 10 who was just putting it down to “Hips Don’t Lie.” Yeah, your original beau was cool, but think of how much cooler things would be with your new lover.

Well, once the dust settled, you were stuck with a nice-looking structure that couldn’t let you print and charged for a plate of green beans, while your old flame just kept on trucking, dispensing cheap copies and good-old-fashioned home cooking to someone who truly valued what they brought to the table.

Perhaps incredibly, Notre Dame hasn’t won a New Year’s bowl game 1993, when it beat Southwest Conference champion Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl. LSU should have the ability to keep that string of futility going, but Notre Dame’s run-based offense is structured to take advantage of the pieces the Tigers are missing — Key, Thompson and Alexander.

If replacements like K’Lavon Chaisson, Ray Thornton and Tyler Taylor step up, LSU will win.

Turns out, their family owns the color blue and they have enough money in their Venmo account to pay your semester’s tuition.

You went on a couple of dates to Barbici or Yats’ and meekly insisted on at least going Dutch, but you knew it wasn’t meant to last, and you were right—last time you saw them update their profile picture, they were arm in arm with a USC sophomore whose father has the CEO of Microsoft in his phone as “Bill,” the two of them looking like glasses of frosty milk in the glaring sunshine onboard a yacht.

With a win, LSU would knot the all-time series at six games apiece.The sign of a well-coached team is if they get better in the month of November.LSU went 3-1 with the only loss being in Tuscaloosa, where they outgained Alabama even in defeat. The biggest issue will be the edges of the LSU defense with three starting linebackers missing. Nothing about the lead-up to this game makes me think this will be a fun one to watch. There’s no indication that this should or will be a high-scoring affair other than the pedigrees of the two schools themselves.At least they had, like, levels of psychological complexity though. — LSU and Notre Dame aren’t exactly rivals, but there’s certainly a level of familiarity between the programs as they prepare to kick off the new year in the Citrus Bowl.

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