Oprah winfrey dating stedman gail

Rumors of a Winfrey presidential campaign aren't new, but the media legend is picking up more buzz than usual after her stirring speech at the 2018 Golden Globes.When asked Graham after the Globes whether Winfrey would ever run for president, he responded that "she would absolutely do it." He added, “It's up to the people.”Others have floated the idea of a Winfrey campaign—including Ellen De Generes, several political reporters and many, many fans on social media.’ And the answer is: ‘We wouldn’t be together,’" Winfrey told in August."We would not have stayed together, because marriage requires a different way of being in this world.

"Educating Americans Free of Charge Since 2007"My post was perfectly clear..you became confused..is based on an uneducated brain subject to muddled thinking. ..when you didn't understand the course you would be teaching...although I hear they already changed the name... Seal came out with that nugget that he toatally sees her as a hypocrite after her "speech". Gto, your hillary 3million voter plus in california makes more sense even for you I am sure.

I never belittle someones handle unless they do mine first. It truly is an interesting study in how brave some get with a computer and keyboard.

is stirring up hope that his longtime partner, Oprah Winfrey, may be considering a presidential run.

Why would I..like I don't understand why a guy living on the Canadian Dole is worried about the US medical health care system he is not a part of. Definitely if the Govt is shut down next week, we can all point the finger at the dems... Kudos for the millions that didn't vote for corrupt hillary. The GOP are the "CARD-HOLDERS"...they have proclaimed themselves to be!

In case anybody wants to know where those right wingers on these forums get their views from, then read this article from Fox newshttps://com/en-us/news/opinion/trump-not-a-barbarian-and-hes-right-america-is-far-too-nice/ar-AAu C8Mo? They are the "straw" that stirs the political drink!

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