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In addition, this part of Silesian-Cracovian Upland is an area of Jurassic formations.

It means that rain water accumulates in deep water-bearing strata (Nieć, 1997).

Paleobotanical studies were undertaken again almost fifty years later by Latałowa (1976) and Obidowicz (1976) and once again in 1980’s by Latałowa and Nalepka.

The paleobotanical anlysis was supplemented by 19 radiocarbon dates, however the resolution of the dating was low and the dated samples were mostly taken from the depth below 1 m (Latałowa and Nalepka, 1987). The fen is oblong, about 1000 m long and 500 m wide.

Trace elements have been introduced to the environment by the human activity since the very beginning of mining, coal combustion, smelting and metallurgy (Martínez Cortizas The fen in Wolbrom is located in the south of Poland, on the eastern part of Silesian-Cracovian Upland, in the Wolbrom Gate subregion (Kondracki, 2013). The climate is moderate, with mean annual temperature of . The average annual precipitation is about 700 mm (Kruczała, 2000).

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We also show evidence Cs-137 diffusion based on a set of laboratory-based diffusion experiments under different pore water chemical conditions.In view of the recent technological developments in gamma-ray spectrometry and ICPMS and analytical methodology for Pu analysis, the new opportunities to move forward this research area will be presented.https://content.uses cookies to store information that enables us to optimize our website and make browsing more comfortable for you.A peat core was taken from the S-E part of the fen, from a different place than previously investigated.A peat core was taken using Wardenaar peat sampler.

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