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Although this may seems obvious, the most common cause of declined orders is because of a mistake made while entering the credit card details; especially, the expiration date and the card security code (CSC).For Visa, Master Card or Discover cards, the CSC is a three-digit number on the back of the card, usually on or near the card's signature stripe.Now, according to a report from Global Cash Card and The Center for Generational Kinetics, 5 million Millennials don’t have a checking account and a third of Millennials — over 29 million workers — said that they found the concept of a paycard valuable.But should Millennials really be choosing paycards instead of depositing their paycheck into a real bank?MORE INFORMATION There are a number of things that can prevent your order from being accepted by your payment account's issuing bank or organization.e Sellerate may also decline a transaction even if the payment account's issuer would approve it (e.g., if the issuer warns us of incorrect order details).

This is a conditional approval or authorization for the transaction that is valid if the merchant can physically check the customer's identification. These fees — amongst many of the dozens of others banks hide — are reasons that many Millennials are choosing alternative methods to manage their money. Admittedly, these numbers are atrocious, and there’s a good reason that the top political candidates are making the fees these banks charge part of their platform.For American Express cards, the CSC is generally a four-digit number on the face of the card, in smaller numerals above the card number itself.(Note: American Express may have a 3-digit CSC on the back of the card.) Step 2) Double-check the billing address that you entered.

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