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However, this form of operation would cause excessively large flow fluctuations on the North Fork Clearwater River, and the main Clearwater River below their confluence at Ahsahka.

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The annual flood-control drawdown generally begins in September and ends on April 1 of the following year; snowmelt floods are captured in the reservoir between April and July.The main body of the structure contains approximately 6,500,000 cubic yards (5,000,000 m Dworshak Reservoir is the name of the lake formed behind the dam.At normal maximum water levels of 1,600 feet (490 m) above sea level, the reservoir stretches 53 miles (85 km) upstream, covering 17,090 acres (69.2 km The hydroelectric plant located at the base of the dam is a 428-foot (130 m) long concrete structure and contains one 346,000 horsepower (hp) and two 142,000 hp (106,000 k W) turbines that power one 220 megawatt (MW) and two 90 MW generators, respectively, for a total capacity of 400 MW.Dworshak was one of seven dam sites considered on the Snake, Salmon and Clearwater River systems.The final site for Dworshak Dam was chosen at a point on the North Fork of the Clearwater 1.9 miles (3.1 km) above its confluence with the larger Clearwater River.

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