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After this battle, Colquitt's brigade rejoined Robert E. Late in the war, the brigade returned to defend North Carolina, where Colquitt surrendered in 1865...................................................., Carte de Visite by Anthony, waist up pose in Confederate uniform.He became the lieutenant colonel of the 1st North Carolina Cavalry, and was then promoted to colonel on March 1, 1862, leading the cavalry regiment in the 1862 Peninsula Campaign.

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During the Gettysburg Campaign, Baker was wounded at the Battle of Brandy Station. Wade Hampton's brigade when that officer was severely wounded by a saber slash.Forrest was later pardoned by President Andrew Johnson.The card is untrimmed, usual age tone but with rather bold contrast.After capturing Albuquerque and Santa Fe, he was forced to retreat after losing the Battle of Glorieta Pass (in today's New Mexico).He was then given minor commands in the Southern Louisiana operations, but was accused of serious blunders, apparently caused by drunkenness.

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