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There’s no way around it, money can be a messy thing in a marriage, but it doesn’t have to be.

Learn how to approach the subject of finances in ways that celebrate your differences rather than pitting you against one another.

While your wedding rings are a symbol of freedom to delight in one another, they are also a promise to set healthy boundaries for the purpose of honoring one another as wholly devoted to your spouse.

Learn how to set those boundaries in ways that develop trust.

We designed this experience to be a 12-week course, but you have access to everything up front and can take your time with it or experience it in a shorter period at your own pace.

Alyssa and I have realized that we haven’t discovered the answers on our own, but through the wisdom and encouragement we’ve received from our mentors and older, married couples that we are privileged enough to know.

As a part of this journey, we reached out to our “Top 12” couples. We wanted to make sure that if we are going to share this part of our lives with you, it is rooted in truth and experience.

​It can take a long time to learn how to fight well.

If arguments are inevitable (which they are), then it is important to have them in a way that doesn’t demean your spouse and keeps the point in view.

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