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Most of the people that live here are bilingual to a good extent.Even if you wanted to make the arguement that ” being smart is being academically successful or interested in things related”, these people know two languages. There are so many people here that come from nothing, without any financial help and find a way to work up to ,000 salaries and more, usually without any college education and do just as well and sometimes better.CAPS does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at these third party sites.

Information provided in our web page and at other Internet sites is not intended as a substitute for assistance from a qualified health professional. “Hope You Move” and “Pissed Cuban” Thank your for that Brilliant comments “kinda” and “specially” are not words. I know a lot of people that have come here for Spring Break or the Winter Music Conference and have decided Miami’s the place for them, and while as a business person, I welcome their economic stimulus, it can definitely get annoying when it gets even worse to find parking at the beach or there’s more congestion due to traffic accidents from people who haven’t learned how to properly drive down here. You have huge balls “Evrething” you wrote is illegible and incomprehensible. You’re part of the reason this city gets a bad reputation. We’ve got a massive enough of a population boom already, and traffic isn’t getting any easier with the influx. You may be kinda bitter and have some racist undertones, but your views may be a bit off. Being a WHITE ANGLO over 40 years old, growing up and living in Miami for over 35 years, I can tell you this list hit the nail right on the head. Jamás se puede generalizar como tú lo haces, porque es de mentes estrechas, de poco nivel cultural y mediocre educación entender que todo debe ser a tu gusto o parámetros. If you think Miami life revolves around “bottle service only” clubs, “everyone lives at home”, “everyone is short” etc. Matt, apparently you’re not the type of person that fits in anywhere. ) But we have every single ethnic background, right here in this beautiful city. But if the point of the article was to prevent people from moving down here to reduce the existing overpopulation then kudos. Cualquier Ciudad en el mundo tiene su idiosincrasia, su cultura, sus particularidades y eso lo hace especial, eso hace que a tanta gente le guste y a otros no tanto .

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