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With the Santa Lucia Mountains jutting from the ocean, Big Sur commands a striking presence for visitors in search of breathtaking surroundings.

With cool temperatures and steep terrain, much of the coastline can’t be accessed.

While the Portolá expedition was exploring Alta California, they arrived at San Carpóforo Canyon near present-day San Simeon on September 13, 1769.

Unable to penetrate the difficult terrain along the coast, they detoured inland through the San Antonio and Salinas Valleys before arriving at Monterey Bay, where they founded Monterey and named it their capital.

Others think its eastern border stops at the boundaries of the vast inland areas comprising the Los Padres National Forest, Ventana Wilderness, Silver Peak Wilderness, while others include these unpopulated regions all the way to the eastern foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains.

When the region was ceded by Mexico to the United States in 1848, it was the United States' "last frontier." The region remained one of the most isolated areas of California and the United States until, after 18 years of construction, the Carmel–San Simeon Highway (now signed as part of State Route 1) was completed in 1937.

Along with the ocean views, the winding, narrow road, often cut into the face of seaside cliffs, dominates the visitor's experience of Big Sur.

Most of the 4 to 5 million tourists who currently visit Big Sur each year never leave Highway 1, because the adjacent Santa Lucia Range is one of the largest roadless areas near a coast in the entire United States.

Due to its beauty, the road during summer vacation periods and on holiday weekends is often crowded and traffic is slow.

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