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More and more people are developing liver cancer as a result of "the increase in the prevalence of excess body weight and hepatitis C virus infection in baby boomers," Dr.

Farhad Islami, a researcher at the American Cancer Society, explained to CNN. According to the report, the mortality rate for men also increased by 43% — more than twice as much as it did for women.

Liver cancer deaths in adults have increased 43% between 2000 to 2016, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

The spike in mortality is due to an overall increase in liver cancer diagnoses, CNN reported.

In 1977, a group of caring men and women in Imperial County called a community meeting to discuss the problem of domestic violence, which was just then beginning to receive public attention.

The dedicated people who attended that first organizational meeting worked rapidly and soon founded the non-profit organization Woman Haven, Inc.

VISION Our vision is to provide shelter, safety, services and security for victims of domestic violence and their children, to educate the community about this problem, and to work to prevent violence with the ultimate goal of eliminating it from our communities.

The five-year survival rate for liver cancer patients whose cancer hasn't spread to nearby organs is 31%, but when the disease has spread to lymph nodes and other organs, the survival rate drops to roughly 11 percent.

Unfortunately, many people may have liver cancer without showing any signs of the disease.

This program offers support groups, anger management, self-esteem, art and crafts, etc.

CENTER AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE In 1986 when domestic violence became a crime in California all the services provided for men, women and children except shelter became available at the Center against Domestic Violence.

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