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The member/non-member distinction that is afforded by drawing an identity boundary applies not only to individuals, but also to social groups.Boundaries are also drawn around committed couples, separating them from other people, and in the process making two individuals into an "Us".Other sorts of social groups (co-workers, board members, etc.) are similarly bounded as well, making them into a cohesive group through the process of drawing a distinction between what they do together and what other people do.Social groups of any size are seldom uniform things.Individuals exist, but problems they experience are not individual but rather are social in nature.Social problems can only be comprehended when viewed in their social context.Self cannot exist without also "Not-self" existing, just as figure cannot exist without ground against which to contrast.Identity necessarily includes social relationships which are built into the self to varying degrees.

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I covered psychodynamic, behavioral and cognitive-behavioral contributions in past months, and also the importance of non-technical aspects of psychotherapy.

A boundary is a barrier; something that separates two things.

Walls, fences and cell membranes are examples of physical boundaries.

Parents function as a powerful and bounded subgroup within the larger group known as the family.

Younger children function as a subgroup as well, but one with less power than parents have.

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