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Upon completion of the test you will be presented with your percentage of your “E” and “P” behavior and a short written explanation of how to interpret it.The “E&P” video seminar can explain in detail the meaning of your test score.Only the total scores are revealed to your partner, not your individual answers to the questions.

It's a private and easy way to meet other single parents any time of the day or night in the comfort of your own space.

During the Trauma Stage, both partners experience a great deal of anxiety, and anxiety interferes simultaneously with judgment, reasoning, and the ability to “put things in perspective.” Insecurity, guilt, doubts about the partner and about oneself all serve to exaggerate your sexual personality.

During the Trauma Stage, an Emotional partner will act even more Emotional than usual, and a Physical partner will accentuate Physicalness.

Likewise, if the question asks whether you do or feel something “less” or “less often” than your partner, and you do or feel it “the same” or “as often” as your partner, you should answer “No” (reserve the “Yes” answer for times when you really do or feel whatever it is, less or less often than your partner does or feels this thing).

If you have a cooperative partner, you may want to have him or her fill out the questionnaires.

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