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EBONY: So you dropped your EP, , on Valentine’s Day this year, and you didn’t have anyone to celebrate with? It’s taken a long time for me to evolve into the woman I am today. EBONY: You’ve seen a lot of people come up in this industry. Mya: I spent the day online with my fans and with my dog, Bear, and I had a wonderful time. In terms of R&B singers, who are you listening to right now? But you have artists like John Legend and Ledisi putting on incredible performances. If you’re a meat-eating man who’s interested in dating Mya, then you’ve got some work to do.The voluptuous vegan recently revealed that she struggles to date men who don’t follow a plant-based lifestyle like the one she subscribes to. 😘❤️💋 Produced by @myguymars / ✍🏾by @kydsyd x @myaplanet9 / 📷 @ziggazaggastudio / graphics: @tatianamoton x @carlosperales21 / mix: @206derek / mastering: @malcolminthemix / web: @scottydigital / distribution: @the_orchard_ #newmusic #mya #planet9 #myguymars #mgm #2018 #rnb #libragang #swag A post shared by MYA (@myaplanet9) on #saturdaynight #swag @lavishnightclubmke 🎶 Enjoy the new single #You Got Me available now on all digital outlets. native twirled onto the scene in the late 1990s, her wide brown eyes and freshly scrubbed look hinted at purity and innocence—until about 60 seconds into her first video, “It’s All About Me,” when she ripped off her skirt, slid to her knees and started dry humping the dance floor.

And Sisqó knew it was going to be a massive hit before it was even recorded.[Laughs] So a relationship is not my focus right now. Especially because of this industry and being a public figure. Social media can take things and twist them around, and something innocent on some website becomes a problem in your relationship. Mya: When things are meant to be, things are meant to be. I believe all things fall into place exactly when they’re supposed to. It’s a dangerous world out there when it comes to relationships. So I want to work on being my best self so I can attract the same. One of Mya’s earliest collaboration was a series of collaborations with new No Limit Label rapper, Silkk The Shocker, the brother of rapper and label CEO, Master P.The music video shoots sparked a real life romance as Mya and Silkk started dating in a relationship that lasted almost four years.

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