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It was virtually everyone's aspiration to have meat on his table... 154-155) [Ancient Rome] "Already during the last two centuries before Christ, meat began to appear with increasing frequency in the homes of Rome's wealthier citizens...

Naturally there were serious problems in keeping the meat fresh, since mechanical refrigeration was unavailable. Joannes de Mediolano Regimen Sanitatis Salerni sig. It is important to remember that because meat was relatively tough and frequently salted to prevent spoilage, it was often necessary to rinse it in milk and boil it once or twice before using it in a specific recipe." ---A Taste of Ancient Rome, Ilaria Gozzini Giacosa, translated by Anna Herklotz [Univeristy of Chicago Press: Chicago] 1992 (p. Meat was oven-roasted, spit-roasted, used in patties, stuffings, and stews, or...cooked on a grill... And its moisture manifests itself if slipperiness; chewing doesn't manage to liberate much juice. As it cooks, meat develops a firmness and resiliance that make it easier to chew. With longer cooking, the juices dry up, and resiliance give way to a dry stiffness. The meat is chewy yet soft, so that chewing compresses it instead of cutting through it.

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