Tips for dating a transman

This can be true for cis people with body image issues or who have survived sexual assault, so it’s a good idea to ask cis partners about this as well. Be mindful of you and your partner’s particular sexual safety needs If your partner is trans, it may not be obvious whether you can impregnate your partner or if your partner can impregnate you.

If it’s awkward for me, I imagine how much worse it is for my partner to have to correct people about themself.

One of my transgender lovers feels validated when I call them “girl” in casual conversation and in bed.

Many non-binary trans people want to be called a partner rather than a boyfriend or girlfriend.

For the most part, dating a transgender person is no different from dating a cisgender person (someone who identifies with the gender assigned to them at birth).

But if you are a cis person dating a trans person, there are some things you should keep in mind that may not have come up in your previous relationships with other cis people.

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