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Amplitude Modulation (AM)The baseband signal is caused to vary the amplitude or height of the carrier waveto create the desired information content.Analog A form of transmitting information characterized by continuously variable quantities,as opposed to digital transmission, which is characterized by discrete bits of information in numerical steps.The AVR is inserted into the slot of the receiver where the Smart Card usually goes. Designations can range from the AVR1 to AVR6 or more.Designs include the standard design that incorporates a DB25 connector on the PCB for programming.

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Aperture A cross sectional area of the antenna which is exposed to the satellite signal.ATR Resurrection A program used to un-loop Smart Cards.Not 100% effective but worth a try if you have a looped card.When the communication satellite reaches the appropriate apogee, a rocket motor is fired to place the satellite into its permanent circular orbit of 22,237 miles.Apogee Kick Motor (AKM)Rocket motor fired to circulate orbit and deploy satellite into geostationary orbit.

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