Updating bios frozen

If the user is launching the excel file directly from the file server have them try copying down a local version to launch and edit.Update: Just noticed that I missed your mention of the user launching the Excel file from their local desktop. Disable hardware graphics acceleration in Excel - An update - I have updated the Windows OS to version 1709, reinstalled Office 2016 after removing it with the Office CTR removal tool (again), and then updated the drivers (again ...

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Iamthecreator OM - I have run the Off CAT tool, and the only problem identified is "Hardware acceleration is disabled". Unfortunately, the user has already left for the holiday weekend, so we will have to leave this case at this point until next week. confirmation are that of John (#a42418575) with a generic "drop Office, update W10 and drivers, reinstall and update Office" approach, and the addition of #a42419128 by Mc Knife to use the original manufacturer driver.

Have you confirmed that it is actually a local copy being launched or could it simply be a shortcut to the file on the server? I have some replies and updates below: Bocevski Nick - I am using the 32-bit version of Excel (on 64-bit Windows 10 Pro). Use Optimize for performance in Performance Option under Computer Properties 15. but this time manually using Dell and Intel's websites instead of relying on the Dell Command Update tool.) ... as an aside, I am *not* a happy camper to have to report that Dell's Command Update tool appears to not have been updated yet with drivers released this past OCTOBER. After updating the BIOS and network card driver in the order suggested by John Hurst (from Intel's website, not Dell's), the PC appears to be much more responsive (I am doing all of this through a remote session).

Qlemo - The only antivirus installed right now is the default Windows 10 "Windows Defender" antivirus. If this happens only on one device, try to recreate the profile. Also, Mc Knife - thank you for the suggestion of checking Intel's website!

Hello There - The PC is a new PC with 850 GB of free space on the 1 TB RAID 1 array.

John Hurst - Unfortunately, the Quick Books version installed on this PC is Quick Books V2015 (which - according to Intuit - is fully compatible with Windows 10).

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