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Matt previously served as a law clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court of the United States and Chief Judge Edward E. Recently, Empirical SCOTUS announced that Matt wrote the best-written petition of the 2017 Supreme Court Term based on analysis by Ross Guberman’s Brief Catch software.

For the most part, the advertisers are churches, centers for Christian study, or Christian bookstores. They alleged that refusal to authorize payment of the printing costs of the publication, solely on the basis of its religious editorial viewpoint, violated their rights to freedom of speech and press, to the free exercise of religion, and to equal protection of the law. 1994), but did not pursue those theories on appeal. The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, in disagreement with the District Court, held that the Guidelines did discriminate on the basis of content. These rules informed our determination that the government offends the First Amendment when it imposes financial burdens on certain speakers based on the content of their expression. We conclude, nonetheless, that here, as in viewpoint discrimination is the proper way to interpret the University's objections to Wide Awake.By June, 1992, WAP had distributed about 5,000 copies of Wide Awake to University students, free of charge. They relied also upon Article I of the Virginia Constitution and the Virginia Act for Religious Freedom, Va. The suit sought damages for the costs of printing the paper, injunctive and declaratory relief, and attorney's fees. It ruled that, while the State need not underwrite speech, there was a presumptive violation of the Speech Clause when viewpoint discrimination was invoked to deny third-party payment otherwise available to CIOs. The Court of Appeals affirmed the judgment of the District Court nonetheless, concluding that the discrimination by the University was justified by the "compelling interest in maintaining strict separation of church and state." 512 U. By the very terms of the SAF prohibition, the University does not exclude religion as a subject matter, but selects for disfavored treatment those student journalistic efforts with religious editorial viewpoints.WAP had acquired CIO status soon after it was organized. At no stage in this controversy has the University contended that WAP is such an organization. On cross-motions for summary judgment, the District Court ruled for the University, holding that denial of SAF support was not an impermissible content or viewpoint discrimination against petitioners' speech, and that the University's Establishment Clause concern over its "religious activities" was a sufficient justification for denying payment to third-party contractors. Religion may be a vast area of inquiry, but it also provides, as it did here, a specific premise, a perspective, a standpoint from which a variety of subjects may be discussed and considered. The case has been widely noted as an important Fourth Amendment case in which the Court ruled that police generally must obtain a warrant before entering the curtilage of a home to search a parked vehicle. 2013) The New York Court of Appeals ruled, on certified question, in our client’s favor that New York law governing freezing debtors’ bank accounts carried no implied private right of action against banks. 16-1027 (2018) In an 8-1 decision safeguarding residential privacy rights, the U. Supreme Court agreed that police generally must obtain a warrant before entering the curtilage of a home to search a parked vehicle. On the topic of effective written advocacy, Matt designed and presents a CLE program that has received excellent reviews. 2017) Represented a utility seeking to avoid paying several billion dollars for transmission line improvements in its former regional transmission organization.

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