Vamps dating mit biss trailer

See more » Spoiler (in more than one way): The plot requires a solar eclipse to last for two hours.

Vamps spielt im New York der Gegenwart und erzählt die Geschichte von zwei Vampirinnen (Alicia Silverstone und Krysten Ritter), die mit den enttäuschenden romantischen Möglichkeiten der dortigen Welt konfrontiert werden.

They are part of a Vampire Anonymous organization where they count the years sans human blood, together with Vlad Tepes (which no one even remotely pronounces correctly) and a bunch of others.

Things get more complicated when their maker Sigourney Weaver becomes mass homicidal and one of the vampires falls in love with a Van Helsing and becomes pregnant.

She's a dead ringer for Mary and they have a lurid affair, while rumors fly around the campus.

But it all sours when he turns Chris into a vampire and her newfound bloodlust spins out of control in a bloody rampage, making the rumors a little too real.

But only bits and pieces were thus, while the rest was utter nonsense.

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I never liked Alicia Silverstone, but at least before she was young and sexy.

In this film she plays a vampire that has found a reason to live in her much younger friend and colleague in blood sucking.

They are good vampires, meaning they only terrorize mice.

There is much to be said about references on older films and characters and history. Unfortunately it wasn't done well and most of it would mean nothing to i Phone people anyway.

And who else would look at a film with vampires that is labelled a romance?

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