Vegan dating nyc

Must-try meals: cheese plate, peppercorn crusted seitan, blackout mousse pie, peanut butter crunch ice cream. Cozy up and dive in, you’re going to be here for a while. Must-try meals: beet tartare (possibly the best appetizer in the country), sweety peps, gnocchi, ice cream sundae (the best in the country). With a brightly colored interior, blissful energy, and a wonderfully friendly staff, Present Moment Cafe is sure to make you and your sweetie feel lighter and healthier than when you first sat down. Augustine, FL, is ideal for those who’d rather avoid post-meal food comas, and opt for an after-dinner stroll along the waterfront in the nation’s oldest city. Seeking the ever coveted outdoor seating experience in one of the busiest cities in the world?

Must-try meals: mac and yease (best in the country), beet & yam fries, pear seitan steak. Italian fine dining has never looked or tasted better. You will find it here – a luxurious and considerably vast outdoor arrangment.

A restaurant that need no introduction, Millennium has been on the vegan fine dining scene perhaps longer than any of its fellow restaurants on this list. It’s all about the food here so strap on your foodie goggles and indulge; this restaurant makes a perfect date night for you and your tastebuds.

Well-known for being one of the most loved and sought after dining experiences of any vegan I’ve ever known, this restaurant’s menu shines with extreme warmth and vigor. Snag a room in the hotel that Millennium resides within and you’ll never have to go more than a few steps to earth shaking meal after meal. Plus the head chef and owners are incredibly passionate and truly appear to love what they do and why they do it, which seems to translate into some incredibly full-flavored dishes! Plum Bistro will take you there with a great upbeat atmosphere, gorgeous plating, and some of the best meals in the country. Arguably one of the most popular raw food restaurants in the country, Pure Food & Wine stands apart in beauty, style, and character.

Must-try meals: “chorizo” sliders, “crab” cakes, warm chocolate cake, fried ice cream.

Likely the first restaurant idling on the tip of the tongue of someone answering the question, “I’m headed to NYC, where should I eat first?

Kristin | On 09, Feb 2014 Maybe it’s the time of year or all of the “in a relationship” and “so-and-so is now engaged to so-and-so” status updates flooding my Facebook feed lately.

It could be the Vegan Power Couples story over on Vegan Weddings HQ, or maybe it’s simply because I’m in a new-ish relationship myself!

Ease into the soft yet upbeat background music, and let the modern exposed-cement floor plant you firmly in love with the atmosphere and your sweetie! Whether you’re there for brunch, lunch, or dinner Blossom on Carmine never fails to exude professional, detailed care and attention to both their customers and their food.

Must-try meals: yogi juice (sans bee pollen), caramel crepes, “fried” avocado tacos 118 Degrees has two other locations, one in Anaheim and another in Laguna Niguel. Dinners are particularly romance-inducing, with their mood light mastery and cozy, warm color scheme.

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