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Killing two gang members outside, Jonny enters the house, kills another four and sustains a gunshot wound in the process, abducts Glen, and flees through the backdoor.

Jonny takes him to a secluded location, ties Glen to a chair, tortures him by disemboweling him, shows the gang leader his face, and repeats his line "You're not gonna wanna miss this" before decapitating him, leaving Glen's dismembered corpse, as well as his hooded sweater and twin scimitars, at the scene.

A day after violently killing two more TSK members, Jonny is visited by his agent, Bobby Kim, who he has been out of touch with for two months.

Bobby takes note of the True Night drawings (which he is both impressed and disturbed by).

Arriving at the store, Jonny undergoes a psychotic episode due to his fans' flashing cameras and runs outside to call Vickie's phone, only to get her voice-mail.

“Este Papa es, en el fondo, un nostálgico del cristianismo agrario europeo, de cuño bávaro, de donde él proviene, que es antimoderno, antiprotestante, antiecuménico, antifeminista, anti Teología de la Liberación; el catolicismo, en gran parte, se fosilizó.

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