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The MIT Game Lab is a research group of MIT Comparative Media Studies in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

It was originally established as the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab in 2006.

We've seen plenty of JRPG heroes struggle to be themselves, but A Closed World makes that the core of the game.

Thankfully I keep a stock of chilly and chilling games behind glass for just such an eventuality and today I've broken out The Snowfield, from brainy chaps at the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab, whose output we've covered previously.Finalists are currently being reviewed by an esteemed panel of evaluators to determine the winners in the Business, Government, and Student categories.Six of the finalists are also competing for the Best Mobile Game Award.Instead of using a sword you can defeat these "demons" by making passionate pleas or logical arguments."Demons" fight back by wearing down your mental state.

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