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What mattered was that they were their husband’s only sexual partner.

One conceded: “.” However, among the women who personally had no problem with their husbands viewing of porn, many of them also acknowledged the need for openness and communication about the issue.

” Both of these discussions were started by women who expressed some concern about their husbands viewing pornography.It was less than a year ago The Sydney Morning Herald published a story about how porn in wrecking relationships.Aside from issues regarding openness and communication in the marriage, the crux of the difference between the wives who were okay with pornography and those that were not okay with it seemed to be .If pornography didn’t seem to diminish a man’s libido, make him desire his wife less, or diminish the quality or quantity of marital intimacy, then the wife was more likely to treat pornography as a non-issue.If the presence of porn was seen as a potential cause for these things, then the wife was more likely to be anti-porn.

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