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Natasha dives right in, playing with Athenas perky boobs and devouring her pussy.

Athena might not be a lesbian but she sure loves getting her pussy eaten by one.

I think that's because I'm working with such a friendly, supportive creative team and cast. So when I got the call to do this show, I was like, "Oh my gosh, what am I going to do? I haven't even been squatting down to pick up a napkin! It goes to show how far faith and believing in yourself and challenging yourself [can go] — this is an example of what you can do.

Everyone is so talented, so helpful and just full of love. This whole play has just been a life-changing experience for me.

Inspired by Natashas success, Marie decides to show her stepdaughter how a strap on works.

The look of shock on Athenas face when Marie reveals the strap on is absolutely priceless.

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Sometimes, with the bigger you get in your career [and] the more things you have under your belt, you can lose that sense of innocence and being green — doing something for the first time and just doing it for the love of it. I was in tears the entire day — listening to her music and mourning. I was like, "I need a dress to audition for Ti Moune! After Idol, he signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records, and his self-titled debut album was released on April 13, 2010.Castro auditioned for American Idol in Dallas, Texas, singing the Ray La Montagne version of the song "Crazy".Now, about a decade later — and two turns as the optimistic island girl — singing actress Mercado stars in a re-imagined production of Once On This Island under the direction of Tony Award nominee Thomas Kail (In the Heights). The writers and composers, [Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, who attended opening night] — everyone is so supportive. Following the opening night performance in Millburn, NJ, we caught a few minutes with the show's leading lady, who talked about landing the role at Paper Mill, the late Whitney Houston and "Waiting For Life," her show-stopping musical moment in the show. Syesha Mercado: For the first time I was excited to open, and I wasn't nervous. On my last tour, [as Deena Jones in Dreamgirls], I fell backstage, and it kind of got worse over time.

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