Who is tracey edmonds dating now

She serves as COO and President of Our Stories Films where she looks after the development and production of projects for urban audiences and also serves as the CEO of her own company, Edmonds Entertainment.

She worked on several groundbreaking projects for television and also produced them as well.Our personalities though actually working on the show together we actually really, creatively and instinctively with what we wanted to do we were in sync with everything.I think the biggest challenge was me as a producer, wearing the producer hat as well as being Deion’s girlfriend as well as being on camera was really Deion’s crazy schedule.We only had about six weeks to capture everything going on for the show and so when you have a limited amount of time and Deion all over the place and you’re trying to also capture all the kids and what’s going on with their stories. Amy: With the blended families how many kids are there in total with both of you? I have two boys that live out here with me in LA and then Deion he’s got five biological kids and he’s got another five kids on top of that he really is helping to raise.That being the twins that are on the show and then his sister’s kids, TJ the baby and his niece Tia and then Florida who’s the baby. There are 10 in his household and then my two so 12.

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