Who was taylor swift dating when she turned 21

On the stand, she was cool, collected, and endlessly quotable, slinging out bon mots like, “I'm not going to allow you or your client to make me feel in any way that this is my fault, because it isn't,” and noting that her skirt appeared undisturbed in a crucial photo “because my ass is located in the back of my body.” After a year in which everyone has been vaguely certain that Swift is in some undefined way problematic, she’s successfully reestablished her feminist bona fides and once again become someone worth rooting for.

Updated: This article has been updated to include information about Swift’s official album announcement.

And if the narrative turns against her, she can always deny it, because the story depends on her confirmation.

What gets Swift into trouble is when that narrative starts to look fake.

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There’s no reason to think that Swift somehow manipulated the court system so that her trial would take place just before her music release date — but it would be entirely within her abilities to schedule her music around her court date. She countersued her accuser for a single dollar, just on principle, in hopes of making the justice system easier for other women who get assaulted and have to deal with it in court.The September 28 Easter egg is par for the Swiftian course.It’s a wink at her fans: “You know me well enough,” it says, “to get what this means. You know my anniversary.” It creates an incredible sense of closeness.Right now is the perfect time for a new Taylor Swift single, for a few reasons. MTV’s Video Music Awards are this Sunday, and while Swift isn’t technically on the roster, it’s widely rumored that she’ll be making a surprise appearance. The VMAs were the site of Swift’s infamous 2009 encounter with Kanye West, which was the moment in which Swift was perhaps most thoroughly in control of her publicity narrative, and they’ll be hosted this year by Katy Perry, with whom Swift has a well-documented feud — all of which would mean headlines galore for Swift.By releasing a song now, Swift is in the perfect position to give it its live debut at the VMAs this weekend, summoning all the associated publicity that would come with it.

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