Whos dating matt dallas

Dallas explains that Drew and Katie had sex, and that is why Katie is being so friendly around him.Later, him and Adam are helping Drew practice breaking up with Katie. In Gives You Hell (1), he is in the cafeteria with his teammates when Tristan comes over, and asks Campbell if he is a friend of his.He and his ex-girlfriend Vanessa had a son named Rock Dallas when they were 15, but almost no one knows. He is good friends with Fiona Coyne, and Owen Milligan.He is also Ex-friends with Luke Baker, and friends with Becky Baker, Tristan Milligan, Bianca De Sousa, Imogen Moreno, Eli Goldsworthy, Mo Mashkour, Connor Deslauriers, Clare Edwards, and Jenna Middleton.

When Cam makes up a girlfriend, he laughs with the team.When Drew finds "Nice butt" written on his lower back, Dallas explains that that was written in between the time Drew fell down the stairs, and when he apparently streaked around the yard.Later when Dallas is trying to flirt with a girl, Drew pulls him away to ask about the previous night.Later in the day, he walks in on Cam practicing in the gym and asks why he doesn't want to hang with the team and tells him he's going to the mall with them after school.At the mall, he messes around with the team and encourages Cam to try to hook up with Bianca.

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