Winchester model 67 serial number dating

David 3 months ago my dad told am next generation to hold this gun, his pass me a double barrel shotgun without hammer, 12 Ga, rickard arms co, schenectady NY, serial , want to know more about the shotgun but i cant find anything on internet, please help me to know "where and when" about this heritage.. Serial Number at Start of Year: Month and year, 346. Its a 32 cal lg six shot with a 2 inch barrel it has 5 serial numbers on the barrel and in front of the trigger no letters it has some moose antler with a 66 on the frame and a eagle stamp on barrel with the letter N under the eagle and it was made by Gerstenber U. Dating Rich Ricky V 9 months ago I have a CBC model SB 20 gauge. Kevin miller 3 months ago im wanting to find info about a rohm gmbh double action revolver serial number says made in germany number 68 on frame in front of cylinder with circle, bottom of grip right behind trigger gaurd has a 4 on it.

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WACA members who are also CFM Members will receive 15 additional record searches on top of the regular quantity of searches included in the standard CFM membership package, regardless of membership level. Many new models from the Custom Gun shop in both Model 70s and Model 94s offered Super X2 in 3 1/2 NWTF Turkey black synthetic stock, and camo option offered, as well as a Sporting Clays shotgun. It is a Model 12, 12 Ga., 30" Solid rib, Full choke, 3" Super Speed-Super X, Straight grip English stock checkered at the wrist, Checkered extension forearm, Ser. The tag that came with it refers to it as a field gun, and it looks like it is a walnut stock. Winchester Model 12 16 gauge26" barrel with 85% blueing - inside is like glass Receiver has 30% bluing but no rust Mod choke No rib PG stock - plain walnut - no checkering Ser #918130All parts matching Paid 5Thanks. Mostly interested in year manufactured but actual value would be good info; 12 gauge, 28" VR w/ mod choke, checkered walnut stock/forearm. The Winchester Model 68 single-shot was a 1933-46 variation (about 100,000 made) of the Model 67 single-shot, but with a receiver peep sight ILO a rear bbl sight, and had the same style action as the popular Model 69 & 75 repeaters.Value and/or date of mfg help us help you, will need: Model #, barrel(s) length, choke(s), plain, solid rib, vent rib, stlye of stocks, plain walnut, checkered, to date it will need the S/N like this 654xxx or 1566xxx you get the idea. the serial # is L908453 the condition is sorta poor its been through tons of brush lol. thanks Winchester Super X2 12GA 3" Black Syn - 28" vented rib, Invector choke, 11BMV05762what information do you have Also: if possible Browning Gold Hunter 12GA - 28" vent rib - Gold Trigger, high gloss Blue, Walnut stock with full cross weave ingraving Poly choke with 3" chamber - made in Belguim assembled in Portugul98%113MM05563 Hi.

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