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The radiology team scanned their first patients in April on the diagnostic equipment which, when fully operational, will treat 22 patients a day, seven days a week.

The opening is a milestone for South Tees Hospitals Charity which launched a fundraising campaign to bring a scanner to the Northallerton hospital and has, to date, raised in excess of £1.4million. We’re delighted to say that our joint plans with Macmillan Cancer Support for a new multi-million pound cancer centre at the Friarage Hospital have been approved by Hambleton District Council.

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We have some very real challenges in recruiting A&E doctors and anaesthetists which is making it difficult to maintain some of these services.

We are seeking your views on how we can provide these services in the long term and would like to discuss what other services might be developed at the Friarage.

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Giving back to the industry, people and charitable organisations was a huge part of his life.The final phase of the project is now underway and will use archival and biographical resources to reconstruct selected women’s lives.These combined methods will help to establish how women were involved in property transactions over time and contribute to the wider debates on women as social and economic actors.Over £40million has been invested in the hospital over the past 15 years by the Trust, with support from NHS Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby CCG and the Friends of the Friarage.Going forward we need to make sure that emergency care services at the Friarage Hospital continue to be safe.

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