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He probably would have just strolled straight to his office and slammed the door, if it hadn't been for an odd sound. The sound stopped and he turned to continue in the direction he'd started, when he heard it again. But somehow he knew that mice weren't the source of the noise. Seconds passed and then there was a soft noise, like a cat meowing."Hello? He grasped the handle and held the opener over his head like a dagger. The reason he couldn't be sure it was Rebecca Cranston, was because someone had thoroughly restrained the woman.It lasted long enough this time to ascertain that it wasn't coming from the duct work overhead."What the Hell! Taking a deep breath, he flung the door open and prepared to perforate whatever was on the other side. He couldn't be sure, but the person WAS wearing the same snappy outfit his personal secretary had worn the previous day. He was sure it was a woman, for in addition to the matching aquamarine skirt and jacket, he could clearly see her breasts straining against the sheer fabric of the bra.He grumbled under his breath as he stepped off the elevator and entered the franchise's office.He was busy scanning the sports page and didn't immediately notice anything amiss. Bert strolled over cautiously, grabbing a letter opener on the way.His arm froze in mid-air when he saw the human form. A bra that had become transparent due to excessive perspiration.The woman's identity was hidden, thanks to the canvas currency bag encasing her head.Instead of being tied together like her knees, each ankle had been brought back under the chair independently.

Rings of the white hemp crushed her arms at wrists, mid-forearm and elbows.Indeed, Bertram could see the gaping indentation of the woman's lips pressing firmly into the canvas.It struck Bert as odd that her cheeks seemed to be puffed out for some reason.But then he looked closer and sucked in his breath at what he saw.During the process of her struggles, Miss Cranston's mid-thigh skirt had risen up. The hem now rested scrunched up at the tops of her legs, exposing panties that matched the same material as the bra. Bertram felt himself blush as he stared at his secretary's dark blonde pubic hair matted underneath the gauzy fabric. The mysterious twin cords ran straight down through the young lady's crotch, bisecting the lips of her sex.

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