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German, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch are currently shipped with Php Wiki.

An architecture is in place to easily add more languages.

In our concept of civilization, human relations, it seems, do not fit the equation.

American society is, reputedly, build on rugged individualism, which was fine when pioneers came to conquer the land.

If every member of a family thought only about himself or herself, the "family" would be more like a collection of people grappling for material survival under the same roof. When understanding wears thin, relationships begin to fray, and before we know it the fabric we call "family" disintegrates.

The effect of this domestic disaster is reflected today in our workplace and in society.

And in either case, the consequence is that we damage or destroy human relationships.

What we must learn now is how to rebuild those relationships and lessen the stress so we can create an atmosphere of harmony around us.

When we live on the edge day after day we become like taut rubber bands - either we break or we bounce back.

Version 1.0 is a near-perfect clone of the Portland Pattern Repository, In truth, I was using the Wiki script you can download from there as a model; that Wiki lacks a number of features the PPR has, like Edit Copy.

So in truth Php Wiki is a kind of hybrid of the PPR and the generic Wiki you can get from there (which is written in Perl).

Are we civilized because we have the best of book education?

Are we civilized because we have progressed scientifically and have the capacity to send people to the moon?

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