Yahoo sports not updating validating listbox

Unfortunately, this seems to be a hardware fault with the display.

Workarounds:" data-reactid="98"Google added something called “adoptable storage” into Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which allows the internal memory and a Micro SD card to be effectively merged.

This could be related to the overly sensitive touchscreen problem, but if you’ve tried changing the way you hold the S7 Edge or putting a case on and the problem remains, then there are some other things you can try.

Potential solutions:" data-reactid="151"If you get a new voicemail message on your S7 Edge a notification will pop up and you’ll get the wee voicemail icon in the notification bar.

A lot of people are blaming Samsung’s Touch Wiz user interface, but others are claiming that performance is silky smooth for them. Potential solutions:" data-reactid="134"Quite a few people have reported ghost or phantom touches on the S7 Edge screen.

It’s very easy to accidentally touch the screen when handling the S7 Edge, but for some people apps are opening uninvited and the cursor is jumping around unexpectedly, even when they’re not touching the phone.

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